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Technology Consulting

ACME consulting is aimed at accelerating the business value of IT initiatives by helping to bridge the strategy-to-execution gap through hands-on, cost-effective, highly mature and industry-specific consulting solutions. ACME consulting provides clients with targeted solutions to address current market needs and key business challenges to achieve specific outcomes in rapid timeframes.

ACME seasoned team of world-class consultants are thought leaders with deep understanding of the evolving IT and business landscape. This positions ACME to respond to changing market dynamics by offering the right solutions at the right time.

It is our philosophy that a consultants job is not to become part of our client’s problem it is to become the agent for their change and solution. Through the deployment of our Consulting, Training and Assessment tools we are able to reach all aspects of the change and improvement initiative without breaking the continuity of implementation deliverables. Our past experiences and consulting team allow us to tailor solutions that are aligned to the best competency, vertical and geographical fit with our clients. We execute our solutions through a dynamic engagement model with both account management and subject matter expert oversight, providing an account infrastructure that is both proactive and quality assured. This approach allows our team to be proactive to budgets; deliverables, performance and the sustainability of our recommendations are implemented. We consider our model collaborative and promote the involvement of client teams and resources to assure there is real-time management of requirements and measurable accountability. The ACME/Client relationship is driven by our core mission and values and supported by the ACME Business Advantage.